ALLACCESS-PROJECT in collaborations with Il Ballo della scrivania present for the first time in Pordenone (Italy): DUBFILES AT SONG EMBASSY, PAPINE, KINGSTON 6. A great documentary made in Jamaica by the Italian reggae artists Paolo Baldini, Mellow Mood and Forelock, graphic novelist Davide Toffolo and anthropologist Icir Mimina Di Muro.


Paolo Baldini, one of the most important European reggae/dub producers, just released his latest work, entitled Dubfiles at Song Embassy, Papine, Kingston 6, which is both an album and a documentary.

In between February and March 2015 Paolo Baldini packed his mobile studio into a red suitcase and flew to Kingston, Jamaica. The studio was set up at the Song Embassy yard, in Papine, Kingston 6, and for a week Baldini recorded the performances of dozens of artists who voiced his riddims during what became a proper soundsystem session.

Paolo Baldini’s team (Italian reggae artists Mellow Mood and Forelock, graphic novelist Davide Toffolo and anthropologist Icir Mimina Di Muro) documented what happened at the yard, following the principles of visual anthropology. Filmed using basic equipment, the documentary aims at capturing in the most transparent way the energy of the performances giving a truthful rendition of what happened at the yard. No set was arranged, no script was followed: reality was filmed without filters.

The post-production phase, which took place in Pordenone, Italy, transformed that authenticity into a tribute to the Jamaican talents which are often unheard of, and on which Baldini, Mellow Mood and the rest of the team want to cast a light and attract a well-deserved exposure.

Alternating the clips of the performances to a number of interviews to the singers involved in the recordings, “DubFiles at Song Embassy, Papine, Kingston 6” takes the viewer on a journey through the lively musical reality of the Kingston ghetto.

The album and the documentary will be released on April 29th 2016 by the newborn label La Tempesta Dub, managed by Baldini himself and Mellow Mood, branch of the renown Italian independent label La Tempesta Dischi.


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