HOW TO / A GUIDE FOR THE MUSIC PHOTOGRAPHER is a digital project made in collaboration with ROCKIT ITALY and sponsored by CANON, dedicated to those who discover the multifaceted world of music photography for the first time, or want to improve their knowledge in that field.

Our aim is to identify some elements we believe are worth considering at the start of a photographic experience: the different working areas, the main interlocutors, the working procedures.

In such a wide and complex context it is quite complicated to outline a unique and well-defined path to follow: for this reason we are going to deal with the main topics through interviews to photographers and insiders: we hope to learn from those who have already achieved a good knowledge and position by exploring their experiences, to learn how they have developed and imagined their work, what difficulties they have encountered.

Rockit is a website dedicated to the national (Italian) music scene: for this reason we thought it would be interesting to involve a number of professionals from Italy.

We hope this project may help introduce some guidelines and basic elements to take into account when approaching music photography, but at the same time to create a space for debate and exchange of knowledge and experience, because we think that sharing is as much important as theoretical notions to improve one’s photographic path.

01 Starting to photograph
02 Live
03 Portrait
04 Backstage
05 Photographic Projects
06 Portfolio
07 Technique
08 Visual Path
09 Graphic Design
10 References

Mattia Zoppellaro – Photographer, Efrem Raimondi – Photographer, Mattia Balsamini – Photographer, Ilaria Magliocchetti Lombi – Photographer, Chiara Mirelli – Photographer, Flavio&Frank – Photographer, Cesare Cicardini – Photographer, Michele Lugaresi – Photographer, Carlotta Cardana – Photographer, Elisa Moro – Photographer, Roberto Villani – Photographer, Francesco Prandoni – Photographer, Roberto Panucci – Photographer, Verena Stefanie Grotto – Photographer, Roberta Reineke – Photo Editor Rolling Stone Italy, Bea De Giacomo – Photo Editor Vice Italy, Giammaria De Gasperis – Curator And Editor, Alessandro Baronciani – Illustrator, Alberto Moreu – Think Work Observe (Graphic Design Studio), Marco Nicotra E Giuliana Tammaro – Bolo Paper (Graphic Design Studio).


Photo Patti Smith by Mattia Zoppellaro. Courtesy of Mattia Zoppellaro (