ALLACCESS-PROJECT in collaborations with Il Ballo della scrivania presents ALLACCESS-NOWHERE, an exhibition that will be held in Pordenone on Saturday 2 at the Oltre il Giardino spaces in via Brusafiera, renamed Parto2 only on this particular occasion.

The initiative was made with the collaboration of Il Ballo della Scrivania and a group of photographers, aims to document through photography the Pordenone music scene from the end of the 70s to present-day: musician and bands with a strong bond with the territory, as well as the places in which music has taken centre stage.
Music is, and will always be a social, cultural and economic driving force; the NOWHERE EXHIBITION initiative highlights the continuity in music production and use that generated spontaneously throughout the years in Pordenone and that has brought its influence well beyond the local context.

Mattia Balsamini
Cecilia Ibanez
Elisa Moro
Elia Falaschi
Francesco Zanet
IL Marza
Antonio Ros
Marco Luchetta
Francesco Costa
Elisa Caldana

Miss XoX plays Cape Canaveral Polaroid
Dj Enrico Sist